The Turtle Season is Here!

Are you a nature lover? 

We have good news for you. As you know, there is a lot to do in Puerto Vallarta, there are different activities that you can do on your gaycation to enjoy nature. This includes everything from the depths of the ocean in exciting water activities to the tops of the mountains! There’s always something to do in PV, it’s all about coexisting and supporting the preservation of the environment and flora and fauna and, now – sea turtle watching!

From June to November each year, the beaches of PV are visited by thousands of olive ridley turtles that come to hatch their eggs. They leave the ocean in search of a place to make their nest so that their eggs can be concealed and the young born. The sea turtles also love to visit the most famous gay beach in Mexico: Los Muertos beach, where Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi is located, and every year, you can enjoy this sea turtle show that nature gives us.

If you are looking for exciting things to do in Puerto Vallarta and love the sea life, you’ll need to wait for it to get dark, then go down to the beach around 10pm and you’ll probably see a sea turtle! Also, during the day, you can observe them but the sightings are most common at night

Respecting the sea turtle habitat is a must that of all of us who live in Puerto Vallarta care for very much. If you’re coming to PV for your gaycation, support us with the sea turtle conservation.  


The Endangered Sea Turtles

The olive ridley turtles are an endangered species and are thus protected by the Mexican authorities - so it’s important to remember that any damage caused to her eggs can be a criminal offense. We want you to have the best experience on your gaycation, so make sure to stay in-the-know and do not approach the turtles, in fact it’s best to stay at least five meters away from the sea turtles on the beach. 

If you want to take a photograph, do so, but please do not use a flash, this can cause distress to the sea turtle it could feel threatened. Her task of making the nest takes about thirty minutes, when it ends, please do not obstruct her return to the sea. If you see someone else approaching, please inform them that they should not approach or disturb the sea turtles.

If you see a turtle laying eggs on the beach outside Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi, please tell us right away. We’ll alert the corresponding authorities who will be in charge of protecting her eggs. 

You can help protect the sea turtles in Puerto Vallarta on your visit and we will all thank you. 

Enjoy your stay!



Photo: Puerto Vallarta


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