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Have you ever dreamed of being a daddy?

By Mantamar   |    31-08-2017    

Dream daddy is a dating simulator, in which you will have to create a character to be able to hook up with any boy you find around there...

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Bye Grindr! It’s time for a new dating app

By Mantamar   |    16-08-2017    

Surfing the web we bumped into Jack’d, and at the same it was surprising to find out many people have been downloading it and using it as a new tool for fun and dating.

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Coming out In a Heartbeat!

By Mantamar   |    11-08-2017    

Are you ready to fall in love with this story? Enter the link and enjoy it

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Get to know Nick’s amazing work: The LGBT photographer

By Mantamar   |    04-08-2017    

A Chilean photographer that has captivated us with his most recent project.

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What if we play Coming Out on Top?

By Mantamar   |    31-07-2017    

This visual novel, contains images for adults only, so you must be careful because the leading man and his hook ups might surprise you.

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Nayarit approves Gender Identity Law

By Mantamar   |    28-07-2017    

Another achievement for the LGBTTTI community in Mexico!

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Meet Sam, the first transgender toy

By Mantamar   |    18-07-2017    

Aiming to help children to easily understand a transgender person’s evolvement, the first toy in the world, considered as transgender, has been created.

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The UN and its LGBT anti-bullying campaign

By Mantamar   |    14-07-2017    

All of us can do something to stop bullying and abuse, it’s time to be conscious and spread the message to the entire society.

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Germany approved same sex marriage!

By Mantamar   |    30-06-2017    

What better news to close pride month than this: Germany recently approved a law that allows same sex marriage.

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