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China censors homosexuality on internet

By Mantamar   |    30-06-2017    

It seems like every LGBT online post wants to be censored in China since it was announced that all content related to this “abnormal” subject would be taken down

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We love Madrid’s World Pride 2017 anthem

By Mantamar   |    29-06-2017    

A very well-known song was re-recorded to celebrate LGBT pride in Madrid: “A quien le importa” (Who cares), but this time with voices of inspiring people all over the Spanish community

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Trump’s not favorite photo is now an LGBT symbol

By Mantamar   |    02-06-2017    

Nikos Giannopoulus wearing a black suit, gold collar, a pin with the LGBT community flag, and with a lace fan is right next to the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump

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Grindr for gym guys is here

By Mantamar   |    29-05-2017    

There are many exclusive apps to meet people with your same tastes, such as Grindr for the gay community or Tinder for the general public; now there is an exclusive app for those ones interested in sports and gym, it’s called Gymder.

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Instagram gets colorful for Pride 2017

By Mantamar   |    18-05-2017    

In its last update, this social network included a series of stickers with Gay Pride motif in its Instagram Stories.

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Play Gay Fighter Supreme and win the gay tournament

By Mantamar   |    08-05-2017    

Remember the boom in your childhood of a video game called Street Fighter?

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You can be part of the first queer group in Mexico

By Mantamar   |    01-05-2017    

For Your Entertainment launched a few days ago the call to be part of Dragstars

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Grindr just became more fun

By Mantamar   |    28-04-2017    

In the last few years Grindr became one of the most popular apps between gay people that are looking for friends.

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The Mexican series Con Lugar is coming

By Mantamar   |    19-04-2017    

The Mexican series Con Lugar arrives this week to YouTube

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