Eco Tours in Puerto Vallarta: Enjoy Incredible Activities in Nature

Vallarta is much more than a beautiful beach, it’s a destination rich with biodiversity, astounding natural landscapes and hidden gems that you must see with your own eyes.

Let us tell you about some of the best eco-friendly tours offered in Puerto Vallarta that we’re sure you’ll love and make your stay in this beautiful destination even more enjoyable.

Tour to the Marietas Islands

Surely you’ve heard or seen a photo of the Isla Marietas National Park. Well, in person are even more fascinating! The Marietas are one of the main natural attractions in the region, thanks to their rich biodiversity, they really are one of the world’s natural wonders. The Islands are protected and access is controlled and restricted to a certain number of people a day to help preserve the flora and fauna which reside here. This isn’t reason for concern however, because if you book your excursion in advance you’ll be able to visit them without a problem.
Aside from the wide variety of bird species to observe, you can also get to know the island’s charming “hidden beach”, the protagonist of those photographs you’ve been admiring of the more remote places in the world.

Zipline Tours

Is there anything more exciting than flying through the treetops? This activity will definitely fill you with adrenaline while allowing you to enjoy the stunning landscapes the destination offers.
Feel the wind in your face as you float through the rainforest, in Vallarta you will find numerous options for zipline tours that will make you scream with emotion and feel as though you are really flying.

Mountain Excursions

Now that you’ve heard about Puerto Vallarta’s top eco-excursions at sea and in the air… Now it’s time for land! One of the best tours in Puerto Vallarta you can take is into the mountains. Put on your most comfortable walking shoes and get ready to trek through our dense rainforest and discover all of the small rivers, caves and waterfalls on your way. It is a great ecotourism experience that allows you to enjoy the biodiversity in this region up close and personally.

So, what do you think of these tour ideas in Puerto Vallarta? After a day of ecotourism, take some time to relax. Why not have some dinner and drinks with us in Mantamar, the best gay beach club in Puerto Vallarta! Discover our Web Site

Photo by: Travelita
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