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Drinks and cocktails at the party are essential, especially in Puerto Vallarta where the heat never ends. If you are going to party at one of the many bars that are in the city or spend the day relaxing by the sea, we recommend you 5 drinks preferred by the LGBT community.


This drink is for the most chicks. Do you want to look interesting and fun at the same time? Order one of these delicious and sweet drinks prepared with Vodka, Apple Liqueur, Apple Juice and Ice. Enjoy it everywhere!


If you are a partygoer and you like the sweet and exotic flavors, this cocktail is for you. Prepared with Rum, mashed sugar, peppermint, lemon, and mineral water, it’s one of the favorite cocktails of gays. Ask for it at the bar and you will look so cool


With the Cosmopolitan, this is a drink preferred by the gay community. It’s made with Whiskey and Red Vermouth, and is almost always taken as an aperitif. If you are looking for a drink with a lot of personality, this is the right one!


Do you prefer beer? We recommend you Purple Hand and Salamandra beers, two craft-style beers created specifically for the gay community by the Minerva brewery. Perfect to take on the beach or in a bar.

Égalité Wine

This drink has become very popular in gay weddings. It’s a sparkling wine with touches of peach and honey, originating in the region of Burgundy in France, which bets on equality. You can recognize it by its label with the colors of the bow.

In Mantamar we have the best cocktails prepared by our mixologists. Ask the waiter your favorite cocktail and enjoy the best parties in Puerto Vallarta.

Photo by: The bar.