A tour to the Marietas Islands

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If you come to Puerto Vallarta, to visit the Islas Marietas is a MUST, they are a small group of uninhabited islands and islets, all are considered a natural treasure. It is scientifically known as "Islas Marietas National Park" and was considered "Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO in 2008, so you must be very careful to take care of the facilities while you visit.

Of the 1383 hectares of the islands, only 1305 hectares are open to tourists, as it serves as an area for nesting, breeding and resting for birds and marine animals, and has 78 hectares of coral reefs.

If you are careful, you will see several endangered species such as the Blue-footed Booby Bird that can only be seen in the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Galapagos Islands. The most famous island is the "Playa Escondida" or "Playa del Amor", which can only be accessed through swimming a tunnel.

We recommend you to visit this beautiful place with a tour company, this way you will be making sure that the necessary measures are being followed to take care of the environment. You can find them in Puerto Vallarta's Boardwalk or you can ask in your hotel, Concierge will recommend good companies to enjoy this place to the maximum.

As a tip, I recommend bringing some snorkel gear, as the marine life found at this place is breathtaking; To check the waves, because they can prevent the entrance to the cave or make it very dangerous; Wear eco-friendly sunscreen, because the chemicals found in normal ones can affect the local flora and fauna of the area.

Ready for the adventure? Book in advance as it is one of the most requested tours. After a full day of adventure, we are waiting for you so you can have fun and finish your day in the best party atmosphere at Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Grill.