Get to know Nick’s amazing work: The LGBT photographer

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There are plenty of photographers, but those who with just one single click are able to capture emotions that convey easily to anyone who sees a photo, those are just a few. That’s Nick Fuentes’ case, a Chilean photographer that has captivated us with his most recent project.

On the internet, some sites have already baptized him as the LGBT Photographer; and it’s because you just can’t help it to be touched and moved after seeing his work. It’s all about “Project: Their story”, a work he has been done to get his degree in Journalism and Advertising Photography.

“For a long time, I didn’t know what to do for my final exam. Until one day, I was in the Subway in my home town and watched a LGBT advertising campaign of Chile, and it can be told that the photos had no empathy with the viewer, or an attractive aesthetic that caught the attention”. It was that moment when Fuentes realized it, and felt the need to create “Project: Their Story”.

Over the years and all over the world, homosexuality has been seen in a negative way, a product of sexist education and disinformation. Thanks to this work we can see that homosexuality is not synonymous with promiscuity and much less with disease.

Nick is only 24 years old and ever since he began his project, we have been able to see through the web, the images of the LGBT couples in Chile, so real, so sensitive, without prejudice and in everyday scenarios.

As in an ordinary job, he has ran into obstacles to do it, finding couples to photograph and not repeating with them the same scenes, as well as not having enough funds to travel to other cities within his country to find what he’s looking for, are just a few of them.

Being able to capture that kind of love in just one image and get to convince the viewer is not an easy task, and he’s doing it. Finding the perfect scenario to demonstrate love to your mate or even better, saying “Yes, I do” ain’t simple either, but don’t worry. In Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Grill we have everything you need to plan your wedding by the sea. Better than you dreamed!

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