Grindr for gym guys is here

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Grindr for gym guys is here

There are many exclusive apps to meet people with your same tastes, such as Grindr for the gay community or Tinder for the general public; now there is an exclusive app for those ones interested in sports and gym, it’s called Gymder.

The app presents itself as a platform to find an exercise partner, but we’ll tell you, there’s so much more than that!

The Germans who created it, made it thinking of those people who go out for a run or to do any exercise activity by themselves. After it is launched, it will be easier to find someone to burn calories with. The name Gymder results from putting together both gym and Tinder. Could they have thought of something with a Little bit more feeling? Anyways, the web presents it by saying: “it connects people in a unique way with a fitness context. This way, users can fin done another and train together, anywhere and anyway”. Just like other matching apps, here you can search by genre and make your profile show your muscles.

When you open Gymder for the first time, it will automatically access your photos so you can fill out your profile, and it will show you who is close to you or even in the same gym! If you are looking for one single person to train or a group of people.

The “Tinder for athletes” denies to be a matching app but they cannot fool us, it’s pretty obvious.

So now you know, if you want an extra dose of cardio, do not hesitate to download it from your app store, you can find the free version for iOS and Android.

Photo: glreview