Instagram gets colorful for Pride 2017

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Instagram gets colorful for Pride 2017

The month in which brands join in support to the LGBT community is here. They launch products and have special actions. Instagram could not fall behind!

In its last update, this social network included a series of stickers with Gay Pride motif in its Instagram Stories. The block is made by a series of six images created by the artists Carra Sykes, Andy Simmonds, Cute Brute, Jose Antonio Roda, and Josh McKenna. When touching each sticker, you will know who the creator is.

Among the designs you will find an eye with the trans flag, a dancer, a pair of glasses, and a colorful megaphone. In this update, a rainbow brush was added, to fill your Instagram Stories with color. Every time you use a sticker, you can be part of the hashtag #Pride2017.

But the app’s support goes beyond, a world wide initiative was launched in the main cities of each country to Paint walls with colorful shows of support. It all started with the famous pink Wall in Paul Smith’s store which became a rainbow.

Having the hashtag #Kindcomments as part of the campaign, Cleveland, Madrid, London, Nashville are some of the other cities where the LGBT cause is pretended to go.

We have nothing more to say tan invite you to show support turning each foto or video into a colorful celebration and encourage a more secure, tolerant and nice community.

Photo: Instagram