The Mexican series Con Lugar is coming

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The Mexican series Con Lugar arrives this week to YouTube, the best of all is not its homosexual theme but as only a few times it happens, you will be able to watch it completely for free.

The creators of Peyote movie this time bring us a series that you will be able to enjoy an episode per week. We can follow Aaron’s life, a provincial young man who is 20 years old born in San Luis Potosi and decides to move to Mexico City to discover a world of possibilities in the gay environment. Does the story seem familiar?

Besides Aaron, there are other characters that you will be able to identify with, a lesbian and a bisexual will make you question lots of things about sexuality.

As expected, the drama, love, and adventures will be main topics of the plot. Sensual bodies and homoerotic scenes is what you will enjoy and will leave you wanting to know what will happen in the following episode.

Andrés B. Duran, Jerry Velazquez, Joan Kuri, and Ramiro Piñon Manini are only part of the cast under the direction of Omar Flores Sarabia.

This hundred percent Mexican and independent production will have eight episodes in the first season. You can enjoy one each Wednesday.

Ready to enjoy the first season?

What?: Premiere of the series Con Lugar

When?: Wednesday April 26.


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