Gay Gift Guide for 2019

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It’s that time of year again! The leaves start to change, there's a new nip in the air and all we want to do is snuggle up with our loved ones, relishing family, happiness and of course gifts! It’s a time for giving without expecting anything in return.

It’s Christmas! 

Here’s a Gay Gift Guide for 2019 that everyone in the LGBT community will love!


A Membership to Find Love

Dating apps have become a basic necessity that everyone has on their cell. Most dating apps are free - but with limitations, so, if you want to make one of your gay friends happy, give a membership to their dating app. We know they'll enjoy it!


Letters, lots of letters!

People who read have a habit of falling in love, therefore we never rule out this option!

If you know that your friend or partner likes to read, this is an excellent choice for a gay Christmas gift. If it's an LGBT-themed book, they'll love it even more. The kamasutra may not be the best option, but then again…


Concert Tickets

Who doesn’t love to see their favorite artist in concert? It’s one of the best gift options around, a couple of tickets for a concert, play or musical is a gay gift that your friend will not forget. 

Gift-buying Tip: Don’t buy one, but two tickets! Surely you want to accompany him and this way you’ll enjoy it too! This is definitely a trick that works.


An Outfit He Won’t Forget

The majority of the gay community likes to stay in shape. Giving gym clothes or gym stuff is also a great gay gift for this Christmas season. From weight lifting gloves, to a pink weight belt, cap or a pair of tennis shoes - anything gym-themed will be loved. But you know your friends more than anyone else so you’ll know which is the best choice.



There are many “other” gay gifts that the LGBT community loves to get at Christmas. Let’s think, what accessory could it be? What do you think about a watch, bracelet or maybe something more... seductive? 


Remember: the size of the gift doesn’t matter when you know how to choose it well.


Foto: Clue Bees