5 tips to enjoy Puerto Vallarta

If Puerto Vallarta is the destination for your upcoming gaycation, this’ll interest you! But if you’re still not fully convinced that PV is the best option, take note and you’ll soon be excited to visit the most famous gay beach and locations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

Puerto Vallarta has it all! Here are 5 tips to fully enjoy your gaycation in PV (the most famous Mexican destination for the LGBT community!):


1. The Best Art

Puerto Vallarta is a city of art. From your arrival in the city, you’ll immediately see the urban, ocean-themed murals that line the city streets and the monumental sculptures that give Puerto Vallarta a cosmopolitan feel and, at the same time, welcome you the destination.


2. Take a Walk

Discover PV by walking its cobblestone streets. This is one of the best activities to enjoy on your gaycation. In Vallarta, you’ll encounter it all - if you like a modern nautical feel, you’ll enjoy browsing through the shops in Marina Vallarta. If you want experience the old-town Vallarta, we recommend you to walk along the boardwalk, or better yet, through the Romantic Zone, which is the preferred area for the local and international LGBT community.


3. It’s all about the Nightlife

If you come to PV, and you don’t experience its vibrant night life, it’s almost like you weren’t here at all! 

The Romantic Zone, in Viejo Vallarta, AKA the “gay zone”, is the central location of the LGBT community. Here you will find the best bars and gay clubs in the city all lined up side-by-side which saves a ton of walking! It’s precisely this area where you’ll find Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi. Enjoy it!


4. Be yourself!

Prejudices do not exist in Mexico's most visited beach destination, Puerto Vallarta has for years been known for its respect and kindness with the LGBT community. So here you will feel free of discrimination, just try to be yourself and enjoy your gaycation.


5. Prepare your beach Outfit

The weather in Puerto Vallarta is always suitable for all people who like to enjoy the sea. Visitors can feel comfortable wearing their swimsuits around town at any time of year! 

The warmth of this destination is one of the things that attracts the LGBT community to return year after year. Prepare your sunglasses, hats and lightweight clothing that you’ll need at Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi and enjoy your best gaycation at the most famous gay beach in Mexico: Los Muertos beach. 

Enjoy the ocean in Puerto Vallarta and make your gaycation unforgettable!


Photo: Union Road


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