China censors homosexuality on internet

It seems like every LGBT online post wants to be censored in China since it was announced that all content related to this “abnormal” subject would be taken down.

The China Netcasting Service Association, CNSA, that depends from the government announced a few days ago that a “strict examination” will be done to all contents posted. Videos related to homosexuality will be taken down joining other censorship subjects like terrorism and superstition.

The official agency informed that “Videos that show ‘abnormal’ acts or sexual relations like incest, homosexuality, and violence or sexual abuse need to be removed”.

Videos that promote luxury lifestyles, promiscuity, and out of marriage relations will also be added to the “not welcome list”.

Homosexuality was removed from the mental illness list in China since 1997, but the great majority keeps not accepting the fact that the LGBT community, conformed by 70 million people, can develop inside their country.

The new rules and regulations say that any material to be posted should be subject to strict examination to make sure it does not break any laws and religious policies. Extremists!

On the other hand, promoting socialist values and Chinese culture will be applauded by the government.

We should be proud that in Mexico this subject is constantly growing in the media and we can enjoy full seasons of gay series. So, if you are thinking about moving to China, think twice or face the consequences: boredom.

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