Vallarta Pride Week 2018

Although the struggle to exercise our rights as an LGBT community has not been easy, in Mexico there are dates, names and events that we must not forget because, thanks to those events, we get to enjoy freedoms and make use of the rights that we didn’t used to have as a “minority" group

Each year the LGBT community of Puerto Vallarta celebrates gay pride with peaceful marches and a series of exciting activities and events that include live performances, conferences, parties and much more during the month of May.

“Pride week” as it’s commonly known, or Vallarta Pride if you live here, exists as a celebration of all of the achievements that the LGBT community has been reaping during the course of many years of struggle.

Pride Week doesn´t have a set international date. In some cities, it takes place in the month of June to commemorate the unrest of Stonewall New York, USA in 1969. This was the event that marked the beginning of the homosexual liberation movement. Or in other cities, pride week begins on the Saturday before or after the June 28 LGBT International Gay Pride Day.

Every year, our Vallarta Pride week has more and more worldwide recognition. Thousands of national and foreign tourists from the gay community flock to Puerto Vallarta in May to join in on the LGBT parties and celebrations in Vallarta.

Vallarta Pride 2018 is an event that you can’t miss and, at Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Gril and Almar Resortsl, we'll have a week of celebration with special events that are designed precisely so that you can celebrate your identity with pride.

You are invited to be part of the Vallarta Pride 2018!

Check the complete program of events we have lined up for Pride Week at Mantamar Beach Club and Almar Resort



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