Vallarta Pride 2018: Hosted by Lorena Herrera

Each year, Vallarta Pride Week delivers us with many surprise visits! This year, we will be graced by the presence of Lorena Herrera, a famous Mexican singer and actress!

We celebrate Pride Week each year collectively, nationally and internationally with the LGBT community worldwide. These celebrations serve to bolster our own personal celebrations of how far we’ve come as a community!

Our favorite this year, Lorena Herrera, is listed among the greatest icons and inspirations of the LGBT community and the Mexican Televisa telenovelas (soap operas). This beautiful spirit will hold one of the festival’s honorary positions in the gayest week of the year!

Lorena Herrera began her career participating in beauty pageants such as La Mirada del Año, Miss Bikini International, and Señorita Univisión. To date, she’s made 56 films with stand-up performances, most notably: Cocaine, Bubbles of Love, Mafia with a Woman's Face and The Scorpion Reef. She collaborated in numerous Mexican telanovelas including Muchachitas, Dos Mujeres a Camino, María Isabel and El Premio Mayor.

In the LGBT scene, her songs have been heard throughout all the gay clubs. Songs like Soy, Desnúdame el alma y Masoquista have been danced and chanted by the LGBT community throughout the Mexican Republic. Without a doubt, Lorena Herrera will be a showstopper at the Vallarta Pride week 2018!

If you’ll be in Puerto Vallarta, you don’t have to wait much longer to see her up close, and to enjoy her company and her talent. Lorena Herrera will lead the Vallarta Pride parade 2018 this May 25, and then she’ll offer a VIP party for her fans. Be a part of the party at the Teatro Vallarta! 


Wondering where to get your tickets to Vallarta Pride 2018?

Buy your accessories at and enjoy the events that are being prepared for the LGBT community to celebrate with pride and identity. Remember that at Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Grill, we’ll also have a special week. We are ready to receive and have fun in our pool or jacuzzis while you enjoy cocktails with your friends at our gorgeous bar surrounded by chisled men walking around Los Muertos Beach, the best gay beach in Mexico.



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