What makes Puerto Vallarta the most gay-friendly city in Mexico?

Vallarta is the first city in Mexico to receive the “Gay Travel Approved” (GTA) badge from - which is a favorite web page among the LGBT community as it provides information about destinations that have places, attractions and all kinds of amenities for gay tourism. So what are you waiting for? Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to come and enjoy a super fun, gay-friendly vacation in this lovely Mexican Pacific paradise.

Puerto Vallarta Gay Beach

As if the gay tourism alone isn’t enough of a hook to bring you here, our beautiful destination has one of the best gay beaches in all of Mexico.
Los Muertos Beach has gained international recognition as being the best gay beach in Puerto Vallarta. Known worldwide for it’s relaxed vibe, it’s also home to Mantamar beach club, the best gay beach club in Puerto Vallarta.
Los Muertos Beach is located in the Romantic Zone of Old Town Vallarta, which is the area of ​​greatest economic growth and where the largest number of establishments aimed towards gay tourism is located. The area also boasts many hotels and apartments in the heart of the LGBT community available to rent, live or vacation.

Gay Hotels in Puerto Vallarta

Of course, one of the main reasons we have the Gay Travel Approved badge is thanks to the abundance of gay hotels in Puerto Vallarta.
Almar Resort is one of the areas most exclusive, and the only one that offers a true luxury experience right on the water. So come pamper yourself from head to toe in one of the best gay hotels in PV and enjoy a luxurious vacation in a 100% friendly environment and become part of our LGBT community.

Puerto Vallarta’s LGBT Community

Everything we have told you makes Puerto Vallarta a prime meeting point for the LGBT community. Here, everyone is welcome and ready to have a good time! It’s a beautiful feeling to be treated like family in a destination as paradisiacal as Vallarta!
Thanks to the growing gay community in this destination, “Vallarta Pride” began to take place, a fun festival with artistic, cultural and gastronomic events where gay love, respect and pride is celebrated. 

So don’t hesitate to choose Puerto Vallarta as your next gay-cation getaway! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Photo by: Ignativss
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