Puerto Vallarta could be hosting the Gay Games

Can you imagine being able to witness the Gay Games? Would you like these to be in Puerto Vallarta? This could be possible thanks to Guadalajara, Jalisco; which aims to be the venue of the Gay Games 2022, which would turn our destination into a sub-equivalent of the Olympic Games in its LGBT version.

There are 43 cities that registered to run as host and until today, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta are finalists. Water sports such as swimming in open water, sailing and beach volleyball are the activities that would develop in the destination. Those are great news!

It would not be the first time that our destiny would be involved, remember that in 2011 when Guadalajara being headquarters of the Pan American Games, aquatic competitions took place in our city.

Gay Games and Puerto Vallarta would get along well, since it’s known for some years now that Puerto Vallarta is one of the cities most visited by the LGBT community that seeks to relax and have fun in places where there is tolerance and respect. It just takes once to always want to return!

At Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Grill we have already made our mark as the scene of the official photograph to be sent to Paris, France; where the committee evaluates the procedures that will surely lead us to be part of the Gay Games 2022.

Photo: Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Grill

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