Art Galleries in Puerto Vallarta

It’s no secret that Puerto Vallarta is one of the more artistic cities in Mexico. From the famous sculptures along the boardwalk and colorful artworks found throughout the cities streets,  to its art galleries that put the destinations name into the mouth of collectors, professionals and art lovers alike.

Of course we know that you come to enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s beach and incredible atmosphere which can only be found at Mantamar, but, if you want to take a break from the sand and sun, we highly recommend taking a stroll through the cities downtown to take a look at some of the main art galleries in Puerto Vallarta. We’ve prepared a fantastic route through the areas art district which we know you’ll enjoy, leaving from Mantamar or Almar Resort as your starting point.

Córsica Gallery

This gallery is among the favorites for art lovers who come to Vallarta with the intention of taking some artwork home. At this gallery, you’ll find a high level of contemporary art exhibited, presenting pieces of the most recognized Mexican artists on the scene today.
Location: Córsica has two locations in Puerto Vallarta, the closest to Mantamar is in Constitución # 412. The other location is in Guadalupe Sánchez # 756.

Sergio Bustamante Gallery

Although Sergio Bustamante was born in Sinaloa towards the north of the country, he studied at the university in Guadalajara which allowed him to maintain a unique connection to the state of Jalisco. He is one of the best known Mexican artists worldwide, thanks to his characteristic style with representations of suns, moons, fish, mermaids and other types of mythical creatures. In his gallery you will find sculptures, jewelry and furniture - however he is most recognized for his sculpture "in search of reason", which can be found on the Malecon in downtown Vallarta. It’s easy to spot as the sculpture is over 30ft tall and resembles a ladder rising up into the sky.
Location: Juárez # 275.

Pacific Gallery

The Galaria Pacifico was originally founded to show the world the incredible artistic talent in Mexico and has quickly become one of the favorite art galleries in Puerto Vallarta. Although it is focused on Mexican artists, from time to time you can find works by international painters and sculptors who spent enough time in Mexico to understand the history and create an important connection with the culture of this magnificent country.
Location: Aldama # 174, second floor.


This charming gallery specializes in Mexican folk art. Here, not only will you find beautiful artworks, but you can learn a little more about the ancient traditions and beliefs of Mexican artists from different eras, contexts and cultures, and how they adapt into today's modern society.
Location: Guadalupe Sánchez and Allende.

So what are you waiting for?! Visit us at Almar Resorts today and enjoy all the wonderful art that makes up beautiful Puerto Vallarta!

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