Summer awaits you in Puerto Vallarta

The temperature has already started to rise in Puerto Vallarta and the summer holidays are approaching, are you ready to enjoy them? These are four reasons why you should choose the best LGBT destination in Mexico for your summer gaycation.

Art Galleries in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re an art-lover, you’ll love PV! In addition to numerous art galleries spread throughout the Romantic Zone, you’ll also enjoy the gallery of outdoor sculptures on the Malecon. On Puerto Vallarta’s Historic Malecon strip, you can find all types of art pieces form handcrafted local jewelry and small drawings to full-scale paintings and original works on stretched canvas. There are even art galleries in Vallarta that are specifically focused on art from the LGBT and gay community. 

Night life

If there’s one thing that is the envy of other LGBT destinations – it’s the unmatched gay bars and night scene in Puerto Vallarta. By day, you can find anything and everything for the gay community, it’s even more by night. The adrenaline begins at noon and only increases in intensity when twilight falls. If you want to check it out, you have to see the breathtaking view of the sunset from Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi.

Outdoor activities

The beaches and wilderness of the mountains of Puerto Vallarta serve as the setting for an endless eco-adventures and outdoor activities. Water sports such as diving, jet skiing, kayaking, jetpack “Flyboarding” or fishing are some of the favorites of the LGBT community. But if you want an adventure above or below the forest canopy, try out hiking along the coast or ATV and RZR rides through the mountains along dirt roads. The adventure, and fantastic adrenaline is the best way to take advantage of your gaycation and spend an incredible summer vacation.

The Weather in Puerto Vallarta 

The weather in Puerto Vallarta is simply incredible. Boasting more that 360 sunny days year-round, the weather is always perfect for a good tan! Los Muertos beach is the ideal place to recline, right where Mantamar Beach Club Bar & Sushi is located. Take advantage of your stay in Puerto Vallarta and visit the best LGBT beach club where the entire LGBT community will be waiting. You’re sure to take home unforgettable memories of your gaycation in Puerto Vallarta.


Photo: Couple of Men


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