Tanning tips: Bronze perfectly during a beach vacation

One of the main goals when visiting the beach, (aside from finding sexy things to mingle with), is to get your tanning game on! When going home after frolicking under the sun, you want to show off a bronzy glow that will let everyone know that you had a great time on your Puerto Vallarta beach vacation. Be careful though, you definitely want avoid looking like a racoon, or worse yet– end up with painful sunburn blisters. Before you start toasting your pretty buns under the sun, check out the tanning tips below that will help you to achieve an enviable tone on your next sunbathing sesh.


Prepare your skin before tanning

Dust off your juicer and start making some delicious carrot juice. It is recommend to drink a daily glass of this enriching vegetable juice at least three weeks prior to your beach vacation. In addition to providing a great source of vitamin A to your body, the pigmentation of this vegetable will help you achieve a better skin tone. This tanning tip will have everyone super envious of your beach glow!

The second step to preparing your beautiful skin for a perfect tanning session, also a very important one, is to exfoliate and hydrate. Removing the dead skin cells will allow you to reach a more uniform color at the time of sunbathing. We recommend trying this two weeks before visiting the beaches of Puerto Vallarta.


Ready, set, tan!

When packing for your beach vacation, you will want to pack biodegradable sunscreen of different kinds and levels, like a water-resistant and high SPF protection. Make sure to keep in mind that your face will need special care as it is more sensitive and it needs sunscreen specifically designed for that part of the body. 

Now that you are ready to hit the beach to get your tanning game on. Start by applying the highest level of protection. As the days go by you can decrease the SPF factor and start using tanning oils– if you know how to properly use them with caution (otherwise you may end up badly burnt). 

Don't forget to set up timers and turn every 10 minutes. This will allow you to reach a more even skin tone.


Tanning tips– After care

After sunbathing you will want to jump into a refreshing cold shower, this is good because it stimulates blood circulation and gives you a natural energy boost. Use an "after sun" skin care gel like aloe vera with vitamin E. This will make your skin feel much better! The cold shower and aloe vera will help soothe your skin, while helping you achieve a gradual perfect tan. 

Follow this simple but effective tanning tips during your next beach vacation to Puerto Vallarta and we guarantee you will be glowing and feeling amazing. 

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