Tips for a better tan

When you come to the beach, one of the things you always look for is to get a little color. Going back to your city, everyone will get to see the skin tone and know that you had a great time on your vacation as the best thing that can happen to you. Not being used to sunbathing every week can sometimes make you not bronzed but burn your skin, so, we have some tips that will help you to achieve an enviable tone on your next visit to Puerto Vallarta.

Prepare your skin

Three weeks before your arrival date, start preparing your skin. Some recommend taking a glass of carrot juice daily before your exposure. In addition to giving vitamin A to your body, the pigmentation of this vegetable will make your skin get a better tone. Everyone will envy you! Exfoliate and hydrate your skin to remove dead cells will make you have a more uniform color at the time of sunbathing. Try to do it two weeks before your holiday date.

Ready to get some color?

Before you travel, plan what you will take to sunbathe. Blockers of different levels of protection and resistant to water is something that can not be missing. The skin of the face is more sensitive, therefore it requires a protector that is designed specifically for that area of the body. Start to tan with the highest protector and the next day decreases the sun protection factor. Program your watch with alarms that sound every ten minutes. Turning your body every so often will make you get a more even tone, remember: ten minutes face up, ten minutes face down. Avoid body oils like coconut oils, if you do not know how to use them with caution they will make your skin burn and feel burning for the rest of your vacation.

After the sun

Always, after sunbathing you should take a bath with cold water to reactivate the circulation of the blood and fill it with energy. After this you should use an "after sun". We recommend using it in gel, if its ingredients include aloe vera and vitamin E, much better! The posterior bath and the "after sun" will calm your skin and make your tan gradual, prolong the duration and do not suffer from the annoying skin drop that aesthetically is frightening.

We are sure that these little tips will be very useful for your next vacation to the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Apply them and share your results.


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