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Summer awaits you in Puerto Vallarta

By Mantamar   |    22-06-2018    

The temperature has already started to rise in Puerto Vallarta and the summer holidays are approaching, are you ready to enjoy them? These are four reasons why you should choose the best LGBT destination in Mex

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A relaxing massage on Los Muertos beach!

By Mantamar   |    15-06-2018    

There's no better way to relieve your stress and begin (or end) your beach vacation on a relaxing note than with a relaxing massage on Los Muertos Beach

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Netflix documentaries to better your health

By Mantamar   |    10-06-2018    

We have a healthy idea for you to enjoy your days off right in the comfort of your favorite bed or armchair.

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Freddie Mercury's Life: Coming Soon to Theaters

By Mantamar   |    30-05-2018    

There are many idols that have gone down in musical history, but few legends who’ve left such a legacy as Queen and its vocalist, Freddie Mercury.

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Why is it called Los Muertos Beach?

By Mantamar   |    14-05-2018    

Many people ask, “Why is it called Los Muertos Beach?” These legends and stories are actually an interesting part of the history of Puerto Vallarta.

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Adele married her gay friends!

By Mantamar   |    14-05-2018    

Friends will always there for you, by your side, supporting you - whether you need it or not. This is the case of the British singer, Adele, with her two best friends.

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Vallarta Pride 2018: Hosted by Lorena Herrera

By Mantamar   |    03-05-2018    

Each year, Vallarta Pride Week delivers us with many surprise visits! This year, we will be graced by the presence of Lorena Herrera, a famous Mexican singer and actress!

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Vallarta Pride Week 2018

By Mantamar   |    25-04-2018    

Each year the LGBT community of Puerto Vallarta celebrates gay pride with peaceful marches and a series of activities that include conferences, parties and other events during the month of May.

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Puerto Vallarta Pride: 2018 is Almost Here

By Mantamar   |    20-04-2018    

One of the most anticipated events for the gay community in Puerto Vallarta and several other countries around the world is coming up – Gay Pride Week!

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