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Ricky Martin in Puerto Vallarta

By Mantamar   |    30-11-2017    

Apparently, Mexican and Hollywood artists are not the only ones who have fallen in love with Puerto Vallarta. Now, Ricky Martin will join the list of celebrities who visit our destination and decide to show off the beauty of our paradise to the world.

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Why get married in Puerto Vallarta?

By Mantamar   |    17-11-2017    

When you decide to make the decision to take the most important step with your partner: marriage, you dream that the moment will be spectacular both for you and your guests

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Tips for a better tan

By Mantamar   |    10-11-2017    

When you come to the beach, one of the things you always look for is to get a little color. Going back to your city, everyone will get to see the skin tone

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Channing Tatum fulfills the fantasies of Pink

By Mantamar   |    03-11-2017    

The most recent video of the singer Pink is giving a lot to speak among all her fans and the LGBT community

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He’s a chef, is handsome, and cooks “naked"!

By Mantamar   |    31-10-2017    

If you still don’t know Franco Noriega, it's time to follow him on his social networks and learn to cook. Enjoy it!

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Puerto Vallarta could be hosting the Gay Games

By Mantamar   |    25-10-2017    

Can you imagine being able to witness the Gay Games? Would you like these to be in Puerto Vallarta?

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An open gay family makes it to open TV

By Mantamar   |    17-10-2017    

Televisa is betting on a new audience with a soap opera that includes an open gay couple: “Papá a toda madre”.

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I am happiness on Earth is now on Netflix

By Mantamar   |    10-10-2017    

One of the best gay-themed Mexican films received by the LGBT community of our country

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DC Comics goes for LGBT recognition

By Mantamar   |    29-09-2017    

The GLSEN association wants to give an award to the publisher for the support it gives to the LGBT

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