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Their crime: walking holding hands

By Mantamar   |    12-04-2017    

Apparently to deserve a beating, it only takes two men to walk the streets holding hands.

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A not so Holy week

By Mantamar   |    07-04-2017    

If there is something that characterizes Puerto Vallarta, it’s its parties that end at dawn.

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I’m in PrEP: What?

By Mantamar   |    31-03-2017    

More than once you have heard or read the phrase “I’m on PrEP”.

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“Jersey Shore” comes in gay version

By Mantamar   |    24-03-2017    

Imagine six homosexual boys living together in a beachfront home.

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Vallarta

By Mantamar   |    17-03-2017    

St. Patrick’s Day is a day to dress in Green, go out to find good luck

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RuPaul's Drag Race releases new season

By Mantamar   |    10-03-2017    

The most outgoing reality show, led by the famous Drag Queen RuPaul

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Rainbow Pasta

By Mantamar   |    23-02-2017    

The month of love has not ended so you can still surprise your partner with an original dinner.

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The most gay-friendly place in Puerto Vallarta: Los Muertos Beach

By Mantamar   |    21-02-2017    

Although its name is not very friendly, this beach is one of the best known gay beaches in Mexico.

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By Mantamar   |    20-02-2017    

Drinks and cocktails at the party are essential, especially in Puerto Vallarta where the heat never ends

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